NRT: Tokyo Cathay Pacific Lounge


Cathay Pacific Lounge Tokyo
Tokyo Narita Cathay Pacific Lounge
The Cathay Pacific First and Business class Lounge Narita is a small comfortable haven amid the chaos of Terminal 2. It is quite large, with a big wooden screen up the middle, made out of a classic Japanese style box frame. Alas the whole lounge has a kind of down at heel feel, with worn carpet and furnishings.

Alas, the lounge isn't really sited in a very good location, and the view out of the windows is poor to say the least: it is of a garden / scrubland on the top of another building.

The lounge has taken a trick out of Qantas' lounge down the corridor, with the big white overhead globe lights. They look good - and remind you that as a oneWorld elite you can also visit the Tokyo Qantasclub and the JAL lounge in Tokyo, which offer much better food and drinks.


There is a very basic snack selection, with sushi, pot noodles, and sandwiches.


The abr is basic, with just two wines, and a beer pouring machine.


There are toilets in the lounge, but they are are quite far down the corridor.

Business Facilities

There is complimentary WiFi throughout lounge, and at the far end there are several PCs with high-speed internet, and a A few work stations.
Cathay Pacific Lounge Tokyo
Cathay Pacific Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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