KIX: Osaka Thai Airways Royal Orchid Business Class Lounge


Thai Airways Osaka Lounge
Osaka Thai Airways Lounge
There's no way of escaping from it - the Thai Airways Lounge at Osaka Kansai Airport is a tiny boxroom, although Thai are to be applauded for keeping a lounge running here at all, and not using the generic Asuka lounge that so many other airlines use.

Although in theory just one lounge, there is a separate seating area for First Class, with 18 seats at the far end of the main lounge, and 56 seats in the main part of the lounge. As you might imagine, the lounge really isn't very big.

The Thai Airways lounge Osaka is also in effect one long thin corridor, with glass partitions running down the middle of it, windows to the outside, with 2x2 sofas, and along the inside just a long shelf with high wobbly stools.

At the far end of the lounge is the - in theory - first class section. Here there are five larger armchairs overlooking the runway, and inside this hard upright beige armchairs. It is however rare for the door to the old First section to be closed off, and this is by far the most pleasant part of the lounge.

Thai Airways Osaka Lounge
Osaka Thai Airways Lounge


The food and drink area is in a small area at the side of the lounge. Food is pretty bad: don't expect to get much to eat here.

There are nuts and crackers, sandwiches, and cookies.

There is the almost required onigiri, and during the day there is a salad with Japanese Kewpie dressing, although this goes quickly. There are also instant miso soups with enoki mushrooms and watercress. It comes in a lacquer bowl and has a small cube of dehydrated soup at the bottom. You just use the same hot water kettle for the tea to make your soup.

If you really must, there are also pot noodles.


The bar area is pretty poor too.

There are nine bottles of spirits in one alcove, with cheap versions of all the main spirits. There is Beefeater gin, Smirnoff vodka, Campari, and Bacardi. On optics are bottles of Black Label, Chivas Regal, VSOP, and a kind of rice wine.

Thai Airways Osaka Lounge
Osaka Thai Airways Lounge

Forget trying to find wine - there just isn't any, other than a dusty bottle of red wine on the shelf, but there is also a sparkling wine in the fridge.

However there is the joy of the beer robot: a Japanese beer pouring machine. It dispenses Ashai draft beer, and is a joy to watch.


The Thai Airways Osaka lounge has in-lounge toilets, but no shower. They are half way down, on the left hand side.

Business Facilities

There is one large 50 inch LCD TV at the far end of the lounge playing a local Japanese station: alas this is right at the end next to the large armchairs.

There are two fairly slow computers in the lounge (one English, the other Thai). They rarely work, and are very slow.

The main business area is... a shelf! I kid you not: instead of desks there is just a shelf with wobbly stools.

Thankfully there is fast free wifi.

Thai Airways Osaka Lounge
Osaka Thai Airways Lounge

Power sockets are not present, except in the work cubicles.

There is a newspaper rack inset into the wall opposite the windows. Also here, there is an old fashioned landline payphone.

Osaka Lounge Osaka
►Basic finger food.
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Sandwiches in the evening.
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Ashai pouring machine
►1 red & 1 whites
►No Champagne
Business Facilities:
►Several iMacs, printer
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
In lounge
Osaka Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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