KIX: Osaka ANA Club International Lounge (North Terminal)


The ANA Club International Lounge at Osaka is small, and can be rammed in the evenings, when flights leave for the US. It is clean and quaint, but with the most annoying ambient music playing throught the lounge: it is not a place for an quite kip.

It also follows some of the other lounges at KIX, by lineing up chairs at the windows in ranks. There is a definate pecking order to these, with people moving closer to the windows as the day goes on.


There is some hot food in the lounge, although it is mainly Japanese delicacies. This lounge is also famous for the Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Covered Almonds available in the food area, an nowhere else.



Business Facilities

Fax machine, copier (both for pay), free wireless internet (terminal wide).
ANA Club Osaka
ANA Club Lounge rated: 3 out of 10
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