DPS: Denpasar/Bali Dewa Lounge

Bali Dewa Lounge July 2012
Bali Dewa Lounge
The Bali Dewa Lounge is a much poorer choice of airport lounge than the Premier Lounge at Bali Airport, thanks to it's lower level, but it still remains a nice tropical airport lounge with a decent airfield view.

The seats are also a little more formal, older, and dare I say it - jammed in, compared to the Premier. With most airlines you get a choice of which airline lounge you would like to try: certainly Cathay, Singapore and Thai offer both lounge invitations, but you can only try one unless you have an HSBC Premier card. If you are dependent on the lounge invite, this is perhaps the lounge not to try, and the view is poor - of really just the back of the airport service buildings - and there is no terrace.

The chairs in the lounge are also pretty uncomfortable, being soft armchairs with a high-rimmed wooden back There are no sofas, so you can't sleep here either.


There is just one small counter with finger food: mainly sandwiches and rolls, with a few sweet pastries. There is also a small hot cabinet, with small pies and spring rolls.


Curiously, the bar has a far better selection in this lounge than in the Premier lounge, however the actual contents are poorer. There is Bin tang beer on draft - but that is it for beer.
Bali Dewa Lounge July 2012
Bali Dewa Lounge

However for Spirits there is a great selection: far better than in the Premier, with 15 bottles, including 3 types of Bacardi and Johnnie Walker red label whisky.

There is a large Pepsi machine, with lots of soft drinks: but no cans.

There are bottles of water in the fridge next to the bar, and in here is the old wine: a large 1.5litre bottle, with a hand-written label saying, just 'wine'. Whining is what you will probably do if you taste this local homebrew.


There are toilets in the lounge, and the most basic of showers: if you want the primitive Bali experience, come to this lounge.

Business Facilities

There are two TV screens, Newspapers and Magazines.
Denpasar/Bali Dewa Lounge
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Bingtang on draft
►1 nondescript whites
►Good selection of spirits
Business Facilities:
►Two older PCs, printer
2 TVs in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
In lounge
Other airlines using the Lounge:
► Garuda Indonesia Bali Lounge
► Royal Brunei Airlines Bali Lounge
► Merpati Airlines Bali Lounge
Lounge rated: 3 out of 10
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