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Jakarta Citibank international Lounge
Jakarta Citibank Lounge
There is a free lounge available for Citibank cardholders at Jakarta International Airport. It is down the corridor to the to the right of the E concourse, just past the small rundown shop, and right by the Citibank cashpoint.

The lounge is no great shakes, and if you are in Business on Garuda use their lounge, but as a freebie it is OK, although quite small and in effect just a small box.

There are banks of seats - all in the window, where passers by gaze at you - and then further in there is the long low bank of the refectory table with a buffet selection. And then further around there is another area with views of the airport, in a comfortable waiting room.


The food in the Jakarta Citibank international Lounge is not exactly over the top, but OK for a quick snack before flights.

There are a couple of hot dishes, typically of chicken and beef with rice or a vegitable mix.

Jakarta Citibank international Lounge
Jakarta Citibank Lounge

There are also some sweet deserts, and packet of nuts.


Free beer, but you have to ask for it.

Other than that, there is a fridge with cans of soft drink.


Outside the lounge.

Business Facilities

Free wifi. Free newspapers.


There is free access for Citibank Ultima, Citibank Platinum, PremierMiles, and Garuda Indonesia Citibank Card. There is a small charge for Citibank Gold, Rewards, and Citibank Cashback cards. Citibank Overseas card holders can normally also get free entrance, but it varies by countries.
Garuda Jakarta Lounge
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