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Emirates Lounge Shanghai
Shanghai The Emirates Lounge
Compared to all the other ‘Generic lounges on a balcony’ at Shanghai Airport, the Emirates Lounges is a delight: it is the only real ‘dedicated home lounge’ of any airline. Emirates had to fight for space for it: which is why it isn’t on a balcony, but tucked back inside the main building, but accessed airside. And it is that access is a problem: Emirates had to build a special corridor to link both outside sections to the inside part of the building. As a result you have to access the Emirates Shanghai Lounge by going up the stairs by gate 75, and then along the food hall to gate 78, and into the special Emirates Logoed porch.

Called (in Shanghai’s special naming terms) The 78 Lounge, the Shanghai Emirates Lounge is a joint business and first class lounge, and it can hold up to 165 passengers.

It is very much a classic Emirates lounge: indeed, from the chairs to the lighting, and even the Rolex clocks, it is a world of beige leather and Dubai Bling. Alas, the isn’t much of a view – indeed, not much to speak of in terms of windows – in the lounge. Just vast acres of seats, plus a couple of large plasma TVs (52 inch no less, as the airline is fond of saying), which are always on CNN.

Emirates Lounge Shanghai
Shanghai The Emirates Lounge

Further around in the lounge is the dining room, with a long low counter overlooking the windows, plus plenty of dining chairs, all neatly decked out and even with flowers on the tables, and then at the back of the table area is the refectory side board, with food and drinks.


It is the Food which is the mainstay of this lounge: considering the Spartan and expensive offerings at the airport, it is no wonder many people eat as if they haven't seen food in weeks. It is laid out on a sideboard opposite the main dining chairs.

Reflecting its status both as a combined First and Business lounge, and also as a lounge 'at the end of the line', food is a little better than you might expect.

Under the hot plates there are hot dishes with lamb curry, chicken tagine, pasta, noodles, and fish, along with a heated tray with hot sandwiches, Zucchini Pates, salmon steaks, sausage rolls (chicken sausage of course) and meat pies. There is a large pot of soup (changes daily).

Garlic bread is in the basket. Next to it in the standard Emirates round fridge with lots of mini plates laid out with different types of salad: there are labels on them all showing what they are. There are also plenty of desserts in mini-bowls, or cheesecake slices on a plate.

Emirates Lounge Shanghai
Shanghai The Emirates Lounge


Of course the main attraction is the bar. There are two bar areas, both by the dining hall, and by the first TV as you walk in. It is fully stocked, although wine is rather poor: there is Chinese wine, but it isn’t very good.

Absolute top marks must go for the bottles of Verve-Cliquot Champagne -the proper French stuff.


There are decent bathrooms in the lounge, and a couple of showers. Towels are in a pile next to the shower.

Business Facilities

Emirates Lounge Shanghai
Shanghai The Emirates Lounge
There is a dedicated business centre with six good fast and new computers: alas, there is little virus protection, and you should take a lot of care logging onto any sensitive sites.

There is free wifi in the lounge, but it is pretty slow.

Emirates Shanghai Lounge
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