PEK: Beijing Air China Terminal 3 TC3 Domestic - Business Class Lounge


Beijing Air China Domestic Business Class Lounge Sept 2012
Beijing Air China Domestic Business Class Lounge
The Air China Domestic Lounge at Beijing is much smaller than the International equivalent, but pretty similar in style and facilities.

The Domestic Air China Business Lounge is in a good location near the security check, on an elevated concourse above the retail shops. Pass the reception desk at the top of the escalator there is a large open room, high up above the concourse with a high ceiling – although a bit lower than you’d expect.

There is a great view of the airport and runways all around, except of course when the smog of Peking descends. Seats are arranged diagonally over the space, with typical Air China squashy brown armchairs.

A small part of the lounge is screened off as a separate First Class area.

Oddly, for a domestic lounge, you can get access to sleeping rooms, which are totally enclosed. There are a total of 5, and with little demand, it is easy to get one during the day.


Food is pretty basic in the Beijing Domestic Lounge, with a small selection of food, and the offerings are very Asian.
Beijing Air China Business Class Lounge - T3 Domestic Sept 2012
Beijing Air China Domestic Business Class Lounge

At breakfast time (0700-0900) you can expect only hard boiled eggs, Chinese buns and croissants (but no butter or jam). There is only hot food at dinner time, when the dining area opens (from 1700 to 1900).


The bar is basic in the Air China Beijing Terminal 3 TC3 Domestic Business Class Lounge, with only gin or vodka on offer for spirits (free pour – just walk up to the bar). Beside the food areas there are fridges with cans of Tsing-tao beer.

There is a coffee machine – but it brews Nescafe, or tea from plastic packets.


In lounge. Cleaning is an issue, and they are a bit gunky.

Business Facilities

There is a small work area at the far end of the lounge featuring five computers and ten other workstations. Beware that the computers are riddled with viruses, and are very slow.

There is technically free WiFi in the Beijing Lounge, but good luck getting it work! The code is printed on a sheet of paper in the workroom.

There is a newspaper rack by the main door, however it is all in Chinese. Newspapers are kept on racks suspended from long poles to stop you from taking it out of the lounge. There are no foreign language newspapers.

Air China Beijing Domestic Lounge
Air China Lounge rated: 3 out of 10
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