HKG: Hong Kong Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge


Singapore Airlines Hong Kong lounge
Hong Kong Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
The Singapore Airlines new Silver Kris Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport (or HKIA, Chek Lap Kok airport) is a bit hidden away you almost get the impression that SIA aren't particularly fussed about the Hong Kong lounge, which seems odd as the lounge was rebuilt in 2009, and is clean, quiet, dark, and a tiny bit soulless.

The Singapore Airlines Hong Kong Silver Kris lounge is combined First and Business Class a real change from just a few years back when there were two long thin sides, with business on one, first on the other, and showers in between. Now, its a common lounge for all classes and Star Alliance Gold. Singapore Airlines boasts that the new Lounge is nearly twice the size of the previous one, with ample resting & dining space for more than 210 customers.

To find the lounge, once through security, go down the stairs to level 6, and just before gate 15 where the windows open up, on the wall side are the sliding glass doors for the SQ lounge. It is convenient for most of the boarding gates commonly used by SIA flights at Hong Kong, but it is a very long walk indeed from the A380 gate at the far end of the pier to get here, you might be better off taking the train.

As you walk in, you walk past the giant computer room, then at the far end of the corridor there is a small holding lounge & the bar, left is First, while right is another smaller long thin lounge, and at the far end is the dining room.

Singapore Airlines Hong Kong lounge
Hong Kong Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

The lounge can get packed before one of the A380 flights at 3pm, or even one of the five other daily non-stop flights from Hong Kong to Singapore, particularly if they coincide with one of the daily non-stop Singapore Airlines services between Hong Kong and San Francisco.


Food in the Dining room is comprehensive and extensive: there is no danger of going hungry before the 4 hour flight to Singapore. There is hot soup, noodles and rice in heated tourines, while meat dishes are under the lids, although some of them are for very Chinese tastes. Diced eel anyone?

In the central fridge there are sandwiches tightly wrapped in cling-film, and small pots of Greek salad. Ice-cream is in the small table-top freezer.


Next to the food counters there is a small bar with red and white wine, however for a decent bar you have to go out into the main T section of the lounge, where there is a full self-service bar, with different wine, champagne (yes, really, the French stuff) and spirits on optics.
Singapore Airlines Hong Kong lounge
Hong Kong Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

Beer is in the nearby fridge (Guinness, Carlsberg, Tiger, San Miguell & Heiniken), along with plenty of cans of mixers, coke and tomato juice. Near this bar there are also trays of olives, and oddly, the breakfast cereals are placed here in the mornings.


There were originally bathrooms in the lounge, but these have been closed for a while, and now everyone has to traipse out of the lounge and around the bend to find facilities: an odd feature for such a luxury lounge.

Business Facilities

The Hong Kong Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge has four flat screen TVs which seem to be permanently on CNN and with no way of changing them. There is actually a pretty good selection of newspapers; mostly from Hong Kong, but you can also pick up a Straits Times & even a USA today. Alas there are no papers from the UK.

Magazines are very disappointing, with little other than the usual inflight magazines.

Singapore Airlines Hong Kong lounge
Hong Kong Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

There is free Wifi in the Hong Kong Singapore Airlines lounge, along with the 16 internet computers (12 PCs and 2 Macs) in the front lobby area.

Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge Hong Kong

There is one other odd feature about the Singapore Airlines Hong Kong lounge.

Some flights to Singapore still have First Class: for these flights a section of the lounge on the left, in the second room, is roped off and a sign proclaims that this area is for the exclusive use of First Class or Suites passengers.

There isnt anything else in this room: no food, no extra drinks, nothing. But you can sit there in splendid isolation, being gawped up by the great unwashed who are only sitting in Business.

Singapore Airlines Hong Kong Lounge
Singapore Airlines Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
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