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Cathay Pacific The Arrival lounge
Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Arrival Lounge
This tiny box of the Cathay Pacific The Arrival lounge is a great place to freshen up after the long flights from Europe or over the Pacific. It is located in the passageway between Terminals 1 and 2 (after you've gone through passport control and customs).

It is quite hard to find: once you exit customs at either the top or bottom of Terminal 1, head to the centre, and follow the signs to 'Trains to City' and then, when you see three escalators heading into the basement marked 'Transport to Mainland China' and 'Tour/Hotel coach' follow these down. Go past the Plaza lounge, and the Cathay Pacific Arrival lounge is just before you enter Terminal 2. There are absolutely no signs to let you know this is where the arrivals lounge is before this point.

As soon as you are inside, it's quite clear that Cathay Pacific was only able to buy a small space from the airport authority for construction. There really isn't a lot here, and indeed The Arrival is operated on behalf of Cathay Pacific by the Plaza Premium Lounge guys.

One further note - you can get into the lounge if you are in transit, so long as you are in a same day transit exceeding four hours, and then you have cleared passport control and customs. However, you have to ask the question, why bother? Eligible transit passengers are entitled to use any of the four departure lounges anyway, which are much much better.


There is a small buffet dining area with a small selection of food and drinks.
Cathay Pacific The Arrival lounge
Take the escalator on the right, down


There is no alcoholic bar, but there is a good coffee machine.


There are eight fully equipped shower suites: you may have to wait some time until one is free in the early morning peak however.

Business Facilities

There are desktop computers with Internet access and Wi-Fi connections.

There is a decent range of Hong Kong and international newspapers.


Entry is very select: the only passengers entitled to use The Arrival are First Class, Gold tier and above Marco Polo Club members and oneworld emerald passengers arriving off a Cathay Pacific or Dragonair flight. If you are in Business Class you do not get any automatic entry.
Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Lounge
Cathay Pacific Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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